Event Rules - OVERLOAD 2024

(adapted with the kind support of the Border War Crew and COD)


1.1 Event access

Attendance to the OVERLOAD® airsoft sports event is limited to players who have come of age 18, who have registered and paid for their tickets within the due time, as defined by the organizers.

Personal liability for every participant is defined by the liability waiver, which will be signed at the check-in and is obliged to strictly comply with this regulation.

The Overload Crew reserves the right to select event participants.

1.1.1. Game Site Access
Access to the game site, is allowed only to players that already done the checked-in process, and only within the following timeframes:
Thursday 12.09.2024 between 12:00 and 18:00 (EET)
Friday 13.09.2024 between 08:00 and 12:00 (EET)

Outside these timeframes the site gate will be locked.

In the game site is strictly forbidden access with personal cars! Personal cars must be left in the designated car park!

1.2 Event course
The OVERLOAD® airsoft sports event spans over 3 days and includes night-time operations. Event calendar and organizational details will be posted in due time and are considered add-ons to this rules.

Event calendar:
Thursday 12.09.2024 between 12:00 and 18:00 (EET)
Friday 13.09.2024 between 08:00 and 12:00 (EET)

Start game – Friday 13.09.2024 at 14:00 (EET)
Stop game – Sunday 15.09.2024 at 08:00 (EET)

Access to the game site, is allowed only after check-in procedure was completed and when the check-in area is open.

Access to parking site or game site outside the checking calendar or game timeframe is prohibited!

We recommend that you organize your journey to the event, so that you can arrive during the check-in time frame.

1.3 In case of accident
Qualified medical personnel will ensure medical assistance throughout the event, nevertheless we advise to carry individual first-aid kits.

Due to included night-time operations in a game-area well known for its rather difficult accessibility, we advise prudent actions. The organizers ensure emergency medical assistance throughout the game. All incidents will be reported to the HQs by radio or by mobile phone.

1.4 Safety rules
All event participants and guests have to wear eye protection at all times and carry on their person the “death rag” for daytime use and red light blinkers for nighttime use. Face masks are recommended for night operations and / or in areas where short-distance engagements are likely.

We warmly recommend additional protection gear: gloves, knee pads, elbow and other protection.

Protection gear is not mandatory in offzones, but it’s recommended.

During daytime: as a rule, moving across game area has to be done in groups (at least 2 people). Individual movement or holding of positions has to be cleared with the HQ beforehand.

During nighttime: individual movement or holding of positions is strictly forbidden!

We highly recommend extra caution while playing during the night. The terrain is very challenging. 

1.5 Field markings
Within the game area one is bound to find tape markings, striped yellow-black and red-white. They mark inaccessible (dangerous) spots or off-game areas (catering, offzone, parking etc.). Abide by the applicable rules for these areas (4.2).

Other markings in the field will be self-explanatory (warning signs with announcements, generally recognized symbols etc.).

1.6 Communication rules
An adequate sound level should be maintained. According to the situation, one should respect the right to a good game for everyone, also the participants who are not necessarily taking a break from the game.

Make use of radio comms according to the information transmission capability – keep messages short and objective. Focus and prepare your message before starting the transmission.

Insulting other event participants is strictly prohibited, regardless of the reason. Use common sense and avoid arguing and verbal altercations. Disputes are to be settled with organizer aid in their presence. Verbal and physical aggression will result in game ban.

Refusing to abide by organizer or game-master ruling or inappropriate attitude towards them will result in game ban or permanent ban, depending on degree of damage.

1.7 Non-Game Civilians
In case of contact with non-invited civilians during the event, the game should be stopped by loudly announcing “STOP – CIVIL”, which produces instant game-freeze (truce) and an organizer has to be called in. During game-freeze, players are not allowed to change positions in the field.

1.8 Promotion and advertising
Setting up any materials for promotion and / or advertising is only possible with authorization by the organizers beforehand. Requests pertaining to this matter are to be sent strictly by email to staff@overload.com.ro

1.9 The luggage
The luggage will be transported from the car park area to the event bases with vehicles provided by the organizers and only when they are fully loaded.
The transport will only take place during the check-in time.

2.1 Applicability
All participants in the OVERLOAD event are bound by these rules. No exceptions.

2.2 Sanctions
Breach of rules will be sanctioned with warning / time-out / game ban / permanent ban, in accordance with the extent of actions and the incurring damage.

In case of game exclusion of a player (game ban), he/she will definitely have to leave the game area, without any cost reimbursement.

“Time-out” represents exclusion from the game proceedings for the time interval decided by the organizer / game master.

All teams (or clubs) take full responsibility for their own members, participants in the event. In the eventuality of sanctions, these will be targeted both at the individual in question and the team (or club) the individual is a member of.

The team (or club) will take full responsibility for an independent player they receive on their list, as they would for a regular member.

Sanction level for each situation will be decided upon by the organizers / game masters and will be openly communicated to affected players and the other event participants as well. Furthermore, the OVERLOAD Crew reserves the right to publish the list of sanctions on the event website and forum.

2.3 Trustees
During the event, there will be also trustees active, the list is not public but they carry a specific event trustee card. Trustees are entitled to request unique bracelet number of any participant, to photograph any participant for identification purposes, apply the warning sanction and communicate this to the organizers, to inform the organizers about any occurence with the potential of game ban, to arbitrate any conflicting situations in the field if his arbitration is accepted by the conflicting parties.

Trustees have no right to enforce authority by physical means, they can not apply sanctions of time-out/game ban/permanent ban, they can not interfere with game development except in order to arbitrate possible conflicts.

Trustee card has to be relinquished at the HQ by request, e.g. in case of abuse.

Main game languages are Romanian and English. We insist on using English for communications within hierarchical structures with non-Romanian-speaking members, at least in radio communications.

4.1 Game Area and Props
The game location lies in a heavily forested area, with both deciduous and coniferous trees and shrubs, with medium-difficulty slopes.

Abandoned buildings, uncovered manholes drains are present in the game area, as well as spots with glass and metal shards. We strongly recommend moving cautiously around, especially in the marked areas.

Game props will be available in the field to mark important objectives and special sites. Modifying, destroying or moving them without explicit approval from the organizers is strictly forbidden.

4.2 Marking of Special Areas
Red-white marking tape indicates areas with high risk of injury. Participant access in these areas is strictly forbidden.

Yellow-black marking tape indicates off-game areas which area accessible (“vilage”,catering, offzone, neutral zones etc). These are no-shooting areas and may be entered only after removing magazines and securing the replica.

4.3 Bases and Barricades
Building barricades from objects on the game site is strictly forbidden! Barricades can only be built from materials provided by the organizers.

After the event, the terrain needs to be returned by all into its previous condition – in all respects.

It is strictly forbidden to dig in unmarked spots and to cut living vegetation.

The headquarters (HQ) for both factions will be placed outside the camping areas and will be considered in-game.

The camping areas will be OFF GAME. Shooting within the camping areas is strictly forbidden!

Car access to the camping area is strictly prohibited!

Wearing eye protection within camping areas is absolutely mandatory. Entering tents without prior consent of the owner is strictly forbidden.

Camping in the field outside bases is allowed strictly upon approval of organizers and in the special designated places.

The Overload Crew takes no responsibility for any damage incurred to camping gear of the participants.


5.1 Factions
There will be 2 factions in the game: Zephyria Eagles and Novaria Bears. There will also be a civilian population residing in the theatre of operations, LARP interaction will be possible in the village and also on the rest of the field, depending on the game flow.

The two armies’ objectives are to accomplish the missions assigned by the faction command. Missions are not optional. The order received from the commander cannot be refused.

The civilian population is a neutral force with special status. This factions players will have various role play attributes and will be appointed by the Crew.

5.2 Dress Code    
Separation of the two faction will be made solely by armbands:

Zephyria Eagles – ZE – RED armbands

Novaria Bears – NB – BLUE armbands

The armband must be at least 5 cm width and worn on one of the arms, at the level of the biceps.

There is no restriction on the camo pattern. There is no restriction in gear use (ballistic plates, helmets etc.) by faction.

Any event participant is allowed to use face paint.

Civilians will dress according to the role they play.

5.3 Patches of merit
Participants with outstanding performances during the event will receive patches of merit. These patches can be worn and later kept after the event ends without additional costs.

5.4 Other Mandatory Insignia
All game participants will have to wear the unique player number over the entire duration of the event (from check-in to check-out). The unique number has to be shown upon request to organizers or trustees.

Players found in the field without a valid unique number will be declared “off-game” and will be sent to the off-zone. They may re-enter the field only after proof of wearing the ID number.

Missing ID unique number during an altercation is considered to be aggravating circumstance.

The “wounded” (players who received a hit and were treated by the medic) will wear a white armband on the right arm until their return to base or visit a respawn or they get hit a second time. The casualty armband has to be worn visibly.

Medics will wear a specific white armband with the red cross on their left arm.

Casualty and medic armbands will be provided by the Crew.

Off-game participants (“dead”/visitors/photographers/film crew/etc.) fall under the obligation to wear a reflective GREEN vest during the day and GREEN vest + red blinkers in the nighttime.

The crew will wear labeled orange reflective vests, as well as organizer ID cards.

6.1 Vehicle Attendance
The use of in-game vehicles is only possible with prior approval of the Crew. Requests pertaining to this matter will be taken into consideration strictly if they are submitted to the e-mail address staff@overload.com.ro and if they contain relevant pictures of the vehicle. Requests are to be submitted until the deadline presented on the event’s website and forum.

This is an airsoft event, so BBs will be fired from and upon the vehicles. Fuel costs and any risks related are totally attributed to the owner.

WARNING! The game area is located outside public roads, thus mandatory or supplementary car insurance is not applicable (damage repairs are not covered). Nevertheless, the civil or penal accountability for one’s actions is still in force.

6.2 Vehicle Destruction
In-game vehicles can be destroyed ONLY by means of the devices provided by te Crew or by abandoning the vehicle (e.g. if all occupants are eliminated). The destruction devices have to be used according to the instructions of the Crew at the game-start briefing.

Destruction of a vehicle also means that all occupants are dead, with no chance of medical treatment – go back to respawn. In order to keep it simple, JUST the occupants, not also the people in its vicinity, even touching it from the outside.

An off-game vehicle (destroyed) has to be marked by two reflective vests, one hanging from each side mirror (in the event of lacking mirrors, there has to be a way to attach them in the respective area). The availability of these vests for each vehicle will be checked by the crew before entering the game. During nighttime, one has to use the hazard lights for offgame vehicles.

To ensure lack of game bottlenecks, any destroyed vehicle must immediately move towards respawn area, regardless if the driver is alive or not.

A destroyed vehicle, that returns in respawn area, must not disturb the vehicles / players in the game. It must keep off the roars, so the vehicles still in game are be able to play.

An operational vehicle can’t transport dead players.

A destroyed vehicle, that moves to respawn area, can transport only dead players (including the driver)

6.3 Type of use
Vehicles can be used in one of two manners:

  1. Humvee – with fully opened windows – The windows have to be completely open, not just enough to squeeze a barrel. It is strictly forbidden to close the windows as long as the vehicle is in-game.

If a player is hit, he puts on the vest and stands still (he may hide or take cover by cowering inside the vehicle, not by winding up the window).

If the driver is hit with a BB, the car stops. The driver behaves like any other occupant (vest etc., just like above).

The driver can receive medical care or he can be replaced (if he allows for someone else to drive his in-game vehicle).

  1. APC – all side windows completely closed – NO FIRING FROM THE VEHICLE TOWARDS THE OUTSIDE, except the machine gun operator on the turret. The vehicle is fully armored, works as an armored personnel carrier. 6mm BBs can’t do a thing, regardless of the amount. The only vulnerable spots are the machine gunner on the vehicle and occupants of open areas of the vehicle (e.g. loading bay).

In any given situation, immediately after exiting the armored part of the vehicle, the doors will be closed shut. Players exiting the vehicle as well as the occupants (except the mounted machine gun operator) are strictly prohibited from engaging opponents while any vehicle doors are still open.

Only cars that have the capacity to transport at least 6 people and are equipped with an electronic destruction device are accepted as APC.

The APC registration is in Stand By until a remote destruction device is identified.

The type of use has to be chosen upon registration for the entire duration of the event. One can not change the type of use during the event.

6.4 Barricades
Any vehicle can be stopped by a barricade, built either by materials provided by the crew.

If it occurs, the occupants can:

  • open the doors to exit, become vulnerable and attempt to remove the barricade by hand,
  • just sit in and wait for support,
  • fall back.

It is strictly forbidden to break through the barrier by hitting or crushing the barricade with the vehicle.

6.5 Other
Every driver is accountable for the driving. It is strictly forbidden to hit any man-made structures, tents etc. The driving takes place only on roads and paths, with a speed always under 20 km/h. In some areas the terrain features increase the risk of accident. Be careful!

Organizer vehicles will carry the label ” Organizator” and reflective markings. These vehicles are offgame.

Leaving the roads or trails is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, regardless of reason. Players hiding near the roads and trails can be run over.

7.1 Special Classes

CQB class – GREEN
-Maximum power – 1.10 Joule
-BB accepted must have max weight of 0,30g
-MED (Minimum engangement distance) – 0 meter
-All replicas
-Shooting mode: semi / burst / full auto
-Magazines: with maximum 160 bb / mazine – MAXIMUM 7 MAGAZINES

Assault class – BLUE
-Maximum power – 1.65 Joule
-BB accepted must have max weight of 0,30g
-MED (Minimum engangement distance) – 7 meters
-Replicas with minimum length of external barrel 20 cm
-Shooting mode: semi / burst / full auto
-Magazines: with maximum 160 bb / mazine – MAXIMUM 7 MAGAZINES

DMR class – YELLOW
-Maximum power – 2.20 Joule
-BB accepted must have max weight of 0,4g
-MED (Minimum engangement distance) – 15 meters
-Long weapon, minimum length of external barrel: 18 inches / 45.7 cm, without flash hider, shock absorber or barrel extension. Measurement will be done from the ‘front’ of the mag to the end of the external barrel, or to the screw thread if it exists.
-Bipod mandatory
-Firing method is single fire, mechanically limited or via mosfet.
-Magazines: with maximum 70 bb / mazine – MAXIMUM 7 MAGAZINES
-It is mandatory to use optical device on replica.

Sniper class – RED
-Maximum power – 3.30 Joule
-BB accepted must have max weight of 0,5g
-MED (Minimum engangement distance) – 25 meters
-Bolt action ONLY
-Shooting mode: semi-only
-Magazines: with maximum 35 bb / mazine – MAXIMUM 7 MAGAZINES
-It is mandatory to use optical device on replica.

LMG class – BLUE
-Maximum power – 1.65 Joule
-BB accepted must have max weight of 0,30g
-Exemple – M1918BAR; M249; M249PARA; RPK-74; NEGEV; ULTIMAX100; etc.
-MED (Minimum engangement distance) – 7 meters
-Bipod mandatory
-Shooting mode: full auto
-Magazines: DRUM with maximum 5000 bb – MAXIMUM 1 MAGAZIN

HMG class – YELLOW
-Maximum power – 2.20 Joule
-BB accepted must have max weight of 0,30g
-Requires approval from the organizer
-Exemple – PKM; M60D; etc.
-MED (Minimum engangement distance) – 15 meters
-Bipod mandatory
-Shooting mode: full auto
-Magazines: DRUM with maximum 5000 bb – MAXIMUM 1 MAGAZIN

1. Only replicas of real DMR weapons can be included in the DMR class. Long gun, minimum external barrel length: 18 inches/45.7 cm, not including flashhider, silencer or barrel extension. The procedure for measuring the length of the replica is as follows: the replica is measured from the front of the magazine until the extern barrel ends in one piece. By “barrel in one piece” is meant the outer barrel of the replica that can NOT be in any form detached on the game field.
Exceptions to the 18” rule are replicas that can be used with their standard barrel length from the manufacturer: HK G3A3/SG1, FN FAL, HK G28, HK 417, MOD25.
In this class, only large caliber replicas (eg 7.62) are accepted. Replicas using 5.56 caliber are not accepted in the DMR class. The exception is MK12 SPR MOD0 – the classic version.
The list of accepted DMR replicas will be published on the event page.
2. AK or M4 with long barrel are not considered DMR.
3. “Side weapon” is considered only a replica of a pistol. Conditions: maximum load of 35 balls, shooting mode – recommended single fire. Maximum power allowed -1.1 Joule. Maximum accepted bbl weight-0.30 grams.
4. In order to fit in a class, both conditions must be met: maximum permissible bb power and weight. Example: “A replica to be classified in the” DMR “class must have a power of max. 2.2 Joule and use bb with a maximum weight of 0.4 gr. ”
5. The maximum allowed rate of fire is 25 bb/sec regardless of the replica class.

Due to the milsim character of the event, only MID / LOW magazines with the maximum allowed capacity for each class and in the maximum number accepted can be used. Hi cap magazines are not allowed. The only exception is the high capacity magazines of the replicas used as support weapons (SAW): box mag or drum mag.

Only plastic or biodegradable airsoft bb with a diameter of 6mm are accepted in the game.
Reloading on the field is strictly forbidden (except mobile points or specially designed areas)!
The organizing crew reserves the right to check any replica during the game, at any given time!

7.2 HPA Replicas
All HPA replicas MUST HAVE a tournament lock installed. After chrono, all tournament locks will be sealed by the organisers. HPA replicas that do not have a tournament lock are NOT accepted in the game.

It is strictly forbidden to remove said seal or modify any of the following:

  • pressure / power regulators (except changing the air tanks)
  • fire mode
  • bb feed configuration
  • rate of fire

without prior consent from the organisers and re-chrono of the replica.

Admitted propulsion gasses: compressed air (HPA), Nitrogen or CO2 12g capsules. No CO2 tanks, Oxygen tanks or other improvisations will be allowed on site. All tanks must be structurally intact, without any visible cracks, deformations or outer shell damage. Tanks must not have excessively worn out threads, or any unauthorised modifications of the structure or regulators and valves, It is mandatory for the HPA system to have a commercially available regulator, built by an authorised manufacturer. No improvisations or artisanal regulators will be permitted.

Tanks storage and refill will be performed only in a designated area, as indicated by the organising team. It is strictly forbidden to store or refill HPA tanks in tents, cars or any other areas where they may represent a danger to other participants or goods.

For chrono, CO2 capsules will be inserted intact, in the presence of at least one member of the organising team.

If the HPA system permits configuration via wireless / bluetooth (mobile / web / desktop app), the locking software interface will be made available to the organisers.

7.3 Chronograph procedure
1. You set your replica on the game configuration (bb weight, hop-up, etc.)
2. Fix and test the replica in the area marked with “TESTING AREA” banner
3. Go to the chrono-area marked with “CHRONO AREA” banner
4. The chrono devices are set to the preset bb weights. Look for the chrono device that matches the weight of your bb.
5. Shoot at least 10 bb through the chrono. Choose the value (you can choose the minimum, maximum or average value between them). The decision and the responsibility belong entirely to you.
6. Read the “Declaration on your own responsibility” and complete it with the values ​​obtained in chrono and personal data.
7. With the signed declaration go to the check-in stand, marked with a banner “CHECK-IN”
8. You register, submit the “Declaration on your own responsibility” and receive the wristband and the promotional items ordered.
9.You can fill in the “Declaration on your own responsibility” from home and in this case go directly to the chrono stand for rceive the stikers, after that you have to go ti check-in stand.
10. At any moment of the process you can ask the assistance of the organizer’s representatives present in the area.

Measuring the power of the replica in Joule will be done on the game configuration (the weight of the bb to be played, the hop-up set). It is recommended to bring the replica to a level as close as possible to the playing conditions (heating of the hop-up rubber through repeated firing, special settings depending on temperature, humidity and pressure)
The result of the chronograph process is the total responsibility of the player.
All replicas (including pistols) will be subjected to the chronograph process.
The organizer offers a special stand where participants can measure the power of the replicas. The player has the obligation to set the replica on the game configuration and to measure its power alone. You can ask the assistance of a representative of the organizers

7.4 Knife Kill and “Bang” Rule
In order to use the “knife kill”, the player needs to carry a knife replica made of rubber or another non-injuring material (sponge, polyurethane foam etc.) and to hold this knife visibly while performing the action. It is strictly forbidden to use real weapons/knives in the game.

The knife-kill event has to be verbalized by the player using it, for each kill, speaking the words “knife-kill”. If a player is touched by the knife replica of an enemy, this results in “knife kill”, he is considered dead and puts his vest on to go directly to respawn. The victim is not allowed to actually say “Dead/Hit”.

THERE IS NO BANG RULE. You either engage according to MED, or you fall back to gain MED and start engaging. Or you sneak in closer and… knife-kill.

7.5 First Aim, Then Shoot
Firing randomly (blind fire) is not permitted. When shooting, one has to have direct visual contact with the engaged target.

7.6 Destruction by „Explosives”
Buildings and vehicles can be blown up with explosive devices provided by the organizers.

7.7 Bulletproof Armor
Personal bulletproof equipment (plates/helmets etc.) has no in-game effect.

7.8 Mines and Minefields
Only non-pyrotechnical airsoft mines are allowed. Before use, these mines need to be confirmed by the HQ personnel.

Minefields have markings at chest/eye-level, labeled every 10-15m/ Passing through a minefield means instant KIA – go to respawn.We trust your fairness.

7.9 Hit and Respawn
You are considered to be hit if a BB hits any part of the body or the equipment carried. If the replica is hit, it is considered to be destroyed and you can use only the secondary platform. Players must shout HIT, raise hands, put on the death vest/rag/red blinker, sit or lie on the ground and wait for the medic or go to respawn, depending on the case.

While hit, the player must not communicate information about the game, to other players.

Any wounded can be killed with knife kill before being healed by medic.

If your replica is hit you shout “REPLICĂ! / RIFLE!” and switch to your secondary platform.

“The dead” will clear the conflict area ASAP. It is forbidden to remain within the area. During transit to respawn, one has to avoid conflict zones by at least 100m.

It is strictly forbidden to use “dead” players as cover.

“Dead”/Hit players do not communicate game related information to the other players. To reach the respawn point one needs to use the shortest route and avoid conflict zones. It is mandatory to wear the reflective vest or the red blinker.

Respawn points are in the base or in mobile respawn points, as they are announced during the game. After respawn, you will obey the squad/platoon/company/faction commander’s orders for future actions.

Players may respawn at full and half hours (12.00 – 12.30 – 13.00 – 13.30, and so on).

Mobile respawn areas can be blocked by attacking them.

7.10 Ricochet
Ricochets are hits and their effect is the same as stated above.

7.11 Medic
The medic rules are an improvement to the realism of the conflict simulation. Those who consider the following rules too complicated, can go directly to respawn when they are hit.

How the medic rule works:

Player is hit.
Player calls HIT,  puts on the reflective death vest / rag / red blinker and sits or lies on the floor
Player calls MEDIC. Player can repeatedly call MEDIC.
The wounded can NOT be transported by a comrade to a safer zone. 
The wounded player (wearing a vest) can survive 10 minutes without medical treatment (while waiting for the medic), after expiration of this time limit he goes to respawn if the medic did not treat him.

After the medic arrives:
Upon arrival the medic will ask the hit player for a number between 1 and 30, and this number will represent a specific type of wound (light, heavy or lethal) based on the table given to the medic. The used number is erased with a pen from the list by the doctor and can no longer be used. The same table will offer the “treatment” for the specific case.
The medic can not treat more than one player at a time.
The medic decides upon triage.
If the player chooses a number that has already been taken, the medic will ask for another number.
In order to signal that he has been treated once, each player must have with him a white bandage, otherwise, if the medic has exhausted his own reserve of bandages the player will bleed out. The bandage will be worn in plain sight as to mark a first wound (first hit).
A player can only be treated once; any consequent hit will be considered a lethal one and the player will go straight to respawn.
A medic can not treat himself, this can be done by another medic only.
A medic must have a pen on himself in order to be able to mark down the used diagnostics in the table.
A medic will not show the player the table under any circumstances.

Number of medics
Infantry – 1 medic for 10 combatants
HQ – 1 medic

The medic has to wear the white armband with a red cross provided by the organizer. Wearing any other insignia without the official armband does not qualify the player to be a medic!

The medic will report to the HQ at start-game to receive the diagnosis table. When a table is exhausted, the medic returns to the HQ to turn in the table and get resupplied with a fresh one. Warning: Every table is different.
We trust your fairness!

7.12 Engaging inside building, objectives, HQ
Inside building, objectives, HQ, players can use only Green class replicas.

7.13 Night game
During the night game, all the rules of the day game are respected.
It is allowed to use night vision devices (night vision and thermal).
The use of the flashlight and tracers is optional.

7.14 Missions, orders, relationship with HQ

To increase the quality of the game a high degree of involvement of each player is necessary. Players present at OVERLOAD are obliged to respect the following:

  • Respect the orders/missions received from HQ
  • They are not allowed to refuse missions received from the commander
  • During the event to be active for a minimum of 18 hours
  • Respect the rotation schedule imposed by HQ.
  • On entering the shift, must to report to HQ at the appointed time
  • Exit the game only with HQ’s consent even if the time allocated to the mission has been exceeded

The frequencies and channels to be used will be decided upon by the HQ along with company commanders at the beginning of the game.

Jamming the other faction’s frequencies is forbidden.

Listening in on the other faction’s communications is allowed.

Emergency frequency can be used only by the organizers and for medical emergencies.

To facilitate communication, each player is required to have Telegram installed and log in to the group provided by HQ.  All players must own and be logged into the Ares-Alpha application throughout the game. Because Ares Alpha is a big consumer, we recommend you to have large capacity power banks with you to be able to charge your phones.

Any militant physical contact except knife-kill is forbidden. Breaking this rule leads to game ban. There will be no refund.

All throughout the game any alcohol or use of any type of psychotropic substances is strictly forbidden!

The organizers reserve the right to deny admittance to the game area of anyone under obvious influence of alcoholic or psychotropic substances upon arrival at the game site.

Making fire, smoking, using open flame devices or any action that can start a fire outside the designated areas is not allowed. Also, grilling is strictly forbidden.

Smoking areas will be marked and if anyone wishes to use a primus or any kind of open flame heating device this will be permitted only in the special designated places to be found in each base!

No lasers are allowed to be used during the game with the exception of the organising team.

Pyrotechnic materials and devices will be used and deployed only by organizers and/or specially designated people.

We ask kindly of you to inform the organizers on any breaking of the rules.