Dec 2023


Out of the desire to raise the level of the game and promote responsibility among airsoft clubs and teams, but also to reduce the risk of injury and the number of conflicts between players, we have decided that this edition of the OVL will also be invite-only.

The registration procedure is as follows:

  1. We will publish on the event web page an online form through which the representatives of the clubs / teams wishing to send a request to participate
  2. Based on the request, the applicants will receive a nominal table that must be completed with the data of the members who wish to take part in the event
  3. After completion, the tables will be sent to an email address provided by the organizers.
  4. Validated participants will be added to the official registration lists and will be announced on the event web page. Confirmation of registration will also be done by email.

Important notes

Clubs and teams assume full responsibility for members participating in the event. Any penalties following the violation of the extended regulation of the OVL 2024 will apply both at the individual level and at the club / team level.

Independents can be picked up on friendly club / team lists and will be subject to the same regime as regular members (they hold the whole team or club liable)