Piotr Mitzikovski aka Mytzu

Abandoned by his parents at an early age, due to his liberal views. Found his first home with the Albanian army as a barracks orphan. From there he was recruited and retrained by the cossack secret service. Spent the next three years on classified missions around the globe, at the same time mysteriously gaining weight as well as becoming an internationally renowned expert in mojitos and crème brûlée recipes.

Ended up being captured by the kazîr counter-espionage and sentenced to hard labour servicing boudoirs for bored wives of generals. In almost no time at all, using his native charm, secret agent skills and average intelligence, he managed to become a trusted insider of the Kazîr Central Command. From there, he began his ascent to a multi-star admiral-general and ultimately supreme commander.

In his free time he enjoys long walks under the moonlight and artisanal aeronautics. A little known fact is that, in secret, underneath his clothes, he likes to walk around naked.