Registration for OVERLOAD 2024 - SCARS are now open.

INVITE ONLY EVENT. The registration process will be as follows:
1. Representatives of airsoft clubs / teams will send an invite request
2. Based on that request, a blank list template will be sent via email. This list needs to be filled out and must contain all the members of the team / club that want to take part in the event
3. After filling out the list, it will be sent out via email to an address that we will supply
4. Validated players will be notified via email and will be listed in the official registered players list on our website

Fill in the order of priorities for your team (use 1,2,3)

Complete the assigned mission

Respect other players

Have a good time on the field

We have team members available for a command position during the game
I wish to bring my own airsoft-ready in-game vehicle

I want to subscribe to the OVERLOAD newsletter

I have read and accept the Game rules and the Terms and conditions of the Overload website