Overload 2023 - Turning Point

Overload Crew welcomes the 9th  event in the Overload series, on September 01 – 03, 2023.

Over the past 11 years, Overload ranked among the top most important events in Romania.

Below you can find essential information on this year’s event. Please read them carefully.


The Taira Republic

  • Populationi – 3,250,000
  • Area – 53,800 km²
  • Resources – oil, diamonds

After losing last year, the Golden Rats were forced to take refuge in the wildest areas of Taira. Constantly in retreat, surrounded by Taira Tigers, with commanders lacking ideas, the rebel forces hope for a miracle that will restore their motivation to fight.

A wonder that comes from the distant land of the Republic of Kazîr, even from the hometown of Pyotr Mitzikovsky.

He is called the “New Messiah” and is the son of the high cleric in the area. Returning after a long period spent alone in the desert, young Cork Al-Elfoon (COAE) finds his country ravaged by the war with Bristenia and the father on the deathbed.

Thirsting for revenge, he leaves for the lands of Taira, where he preaches the need for a new holy war, commanded by a god who has appointed him to lead the chosen people to victory.

Charismatic, with a good speech, charming for women and intimidating for men, Cork manages to coagulate the decimated forces of the GR with the crumbling of the Kazir army and to reassemble the war machine against the TT.

The new rebel force is emerging: a raggedy gathering, which bets everything on guerrilla tactics and terror. Indoctrinated, fanatical, ready to sacrifice to the last man, eagerly prepare the great offensive against Clutterbuck and Taira Tigers.

Taira Tigers – TT
Golden Rats – GR

Calendar of the 2023 event

Arrival and check-in/chrono will start on Thursday (August 31) from 12:00 to 18.00 and continue on Friday (September 1) from 08.00 to 12.00.
All check-in operations will close at 12:00.

  • Game-start is Friday (01.09.) at 14:00.
  • Game-end is Sunday morning (03.09.) at 08.00.
  • The game will go on through the night.

The actual game-time is Friday, 01.09, at 14:00 – Sunday, 03.09, at 08:00.
All times are UTC+2.

Game location