Rio de Sangre & Tormenta Blanca

Pilot Events // 2011

The opportunity to make use of a former military base, with all the speculations and the mystery surrounding its objectives and mission, presented itself thanks to Sierra, by facilitating our partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Avrig.

Such a vast game area asked for test runs, to check accessibility, the way to make use of vegetation, the players’ options.

The feedback we received led to the launch of the OVERLOAD series of international events.

The pilot events Tormenta Blanca & Rio de Sangre drew their story lines from the war of the Central and South American drug cartels with the security forces and the armies of the respective governments.

This way we tested a simple game for two factions, with no particularly hierarchic structure (Tormenta Blanca) and also one where factions were led by CO and XO, with overall game coordination by a game master (Rio de Sangre).