Overload 2018

Dawn of The Iron Beast

For the first time, OVERLOAD was a invite only event.

The event was attended by 419 players who for 40 hours, made this edition a memorable one.

We returned to the dresscode based on headwear.

This year’s most significant challenges were logistical and we focused on building watercourse areas, organizing base transport, and providing reasonable hygiene conditions on the ground. The objectives were individualized and fortified, and command centers (HQ) were built into the game.

In the central area were concentrated: the village, shops and catering.

The parking was arranged near the check-in and was guarded throughout the event

After being defeated during the battle of the Red Gorge, KAF is forced to retreat, regroup and start using guerilla tactics in order to survive. Meanwhile, Bristenia’s forces take over the newly conquered territories.


Historically, the relations between the two countries are battered over decades of violence, originated in political and ideological conflict, but mostly fuelled by the desire to control the resource rich border area, who’s also become a true highway for the drug trade. Bristenia’s victory and the aggressive occupation only manage to spark revenge in the kazir population.

Main combatant forces

1) Kazîr Armed Forces (KAF)
Loyal to the exiled kazir government. With a budget quickly depleting, it takes on guerilla tactics for survival.
Formed in most part of ex-conscripts and volunteers.

2) Bristenia National Army (BNA)
Suddenly finds itself in an unfamiliar role, that of an occupation force. Unofficially does protection for the drug cartels who have expanded into the occupied territories. This endeavour proves itself to be most profitable.

The narcotics are being moved, this time with no restrictions, on a route known as the Mule Trail.

The conflict

KAF plans a synchronized attack while BNA seems more preoccupied with the profitable drug trade rather than watching their own backs.