Overload 2019

Shadow Gambit

OVERLOAD 2019 was a invite only event.

The event was attended by 420 players who for 40 hours, made this edition a memorable one.

Dresscode based on headwear.

This year’s most significant challenges were logistical and we focused on building watercourse areas, organizing base transport, and providing reasonable hygiene conditions on the ground. The objectives were individualized and fortified, and command centers (HQ) were built into the game.

In the central area were concentrated: the village, shops and catering.

First participation of Romanian Special Forces (FOS) on event.

The parking was arranged near the check-in and was guarded throughout the event


The Taira Republic

  • Populationi – 3,250,000
  • Area – 53,800 km²
  • Resources – oil, diamonds

This is a corrupt country, in the turmoil of a civil war. For heading the national army of Taira, the current government chose a famous general, tough and experienced, Nicholas Clutterbuck, former commander of Bristenia National Army (BNA). His end goal is total annihilation of guerilla forces (Golden Rats) and restore peace in the republic. At the same time, it must be ensured secured exploitation of official resources (oil, diamonds) and of the coca plantation and their transport into the neighbouring country. Convoys can only travel through the land territory, through a mountain passage bordered by Shadow Jungle.

The guarding of the resources and of the convoys is ensured by an international security company Chimera Corp, getting overwhelmed by the daring attacks of the rebels. Nicholas Clutterbuck massed in the area a well prepared army, with jungle warfare experiences and victories, that earned the name of Taira Tigers.

Guerilla forces (Golden Rats) are composed from civilians, resentful of the terror imposed by the army and the expreme poverty they live in, because the corrupt government is seizing all the riches in the country.

Despite the fact they suffer a lack of money, weapons and sufficient military training, Golden Rats have been successfully creating serious problems to the Taira government, losses to the mercenaries ensuring security of the facilities, from whom they were able to capture high-class military equipment. An unexpected help can from the old enemy of general Nicholas Clutterbuck, former commander of Kazîr army (KAF), the general Piotr Mitzikovski.

This military man, hardened in wars with Bristenia, Clutterbuck’s nemesys, crosses the border together with a group of trusted, former KAF fighters, that refuse to accept current situation within Bristenia, readly to thelp guerilla forces, to free the population, from the Taira Tigers terror and from the Taira’s corrupt government dictatorship. They dream of a republic that they can run by their own will.

The conflict draw attention from the international coalition which monitors the events very carefully, being prepared to intervene.

Dice were thrown! The games are made, the battle for Taira begins!  Who will be the winner?