Overload 6

The Battle Of The Red Gorge // 2016

This year we recorded the all time high of player presence in the history of the OVERLOAD (R) airsoft sports event.

The greatest challenges we faced were in logistics, thus we focused on construction works for the river crossings, handling transportation to the base and providing reasonable hygiene conditions in the field. Game targets have been distinctively set up and spread in previously inssuficiently used areas. Vegetation grows thicker by the year. Once more we see how nature recovers lost territory.

The catering provider made significant effort to reach the designated locations but the actual service provided was below the previously experienced quality.

The conflict on the imaginary border between Bristenia and Kazîrstan burned out over the KAF high command’s failure to coordinate its troops.
A set of belated reactions of the HQ and some recurrence in disobeying orders by a few troops led to an overall loss in efficency and a drop of morale.

A few accidents and rescue interventions drained a relevant part of the organizers’ instantly available ressources, thus turning them for a while away from the game flow narrative.

We broadened our understanding of the events’ organisation, mainly from unpleasant occurrences but also from the overwhelmingly positive feedback of the participants, both on site prior to departure and online.