Overload 5

Operation Final Stand // 2015

We reconfirmed the constant rise of ca. 40% in presence from any one edition to the next.

Since quality does not necessarily rise together with quantity, we further developed the logistics, we built up watchtowers in three locations, generated 6 objective hotspots in the game area, extended game time with 3 more hours (43 hrs) and focused on preparation of the field. Nature takes back what it’s owed and vegetation grows thicker every year.

We changed the catering provider and the feedback was very good.

The final game taking place in the imaginary Kingdom of Sylvania.

Inflation grows head over heels, the number of contractors shoots up, just as it is expected amongst adventurers. Not only do they accept paid missions for the factions, but they attack the National Monarchic Forces as retaliatory strike succeeding an unruly attack on the neutral border zone.

A lot of successful night missions, even if the fighting action comes in small doses.