Overload 4

Operation Swordbreaker // 2014

We extended game time to 40 hrs. We dug a fort visible from the satellite. We made a strenuous logistical effort but sagged where catering was concerned.

We strengthened the third faction with a unit of contractors, who offered their services to the two faction commanders – for money, of course.

Besides the player box (with map, book of rules, notebook, in-game money etc.) we introduced the OVERLOAD MRE.

The story keeps following the developments in the Kingdom of Sylvania. The civil war torn country takes the blow, inflation rises, bigger bank notes are printed.

Most of the battles focus on the fort, day and night. Sporadically the other objectives and the bases get some attention.

Airstrike. (Proper weather.)

The 17 most active participants are being awarded medals in form of personalized dog-tags.