Overload 3

Operation Stormfront // 2013

The questionnaire we launched after the previous edition offered the unchallenged feedback in favor of organizing a second night of game play over the socializing party.

So we did it.

The field props, the catering, the introduction of a game-active, third (balancing) faction did not generate as much fun as the participants own efforts, regardless of the 26 hours of rainfall.

The rise in geopolitical tensions all over the world prompted us to fall back on a story line located in an imaginary country where the monarchy has been usurped by the military leaders.

The interests of global players were being supported by the presence of an observation force, which had nonetheless a great impact on game flow, especially the way in-game money circulated.

The scheduled air strike was cancelled due to weather conditions and the ruling of the control tower. The event subtitle (operation Stormfront), chosen 3 months before, was in an epic unison with nature.