Overload 2

Operation Chosen Path // 2012

The first edition’s success and the suggestions from our Bulgarian and Romanian friends prompted us to include nighttime game play for the second event in the series.

Furthermore, we got socially engaged through a partnership with the National Anti-Drug Agency, thus we decided to run the OVERLOAD event under the tagline “Airsoft. Lupta contra drog” (Airsoft. Fight Against Drugs).

The party on the second evening ended the event in the top gear.

We chose the distant, but real theme of a civil-religious war, started some 8 years previously to the event in the Thai province of Pattani.

An all-spice mix (from neighbouring Malaysia supporting the insurgents in order to grow its regional dominance, to US PACOM supporting their allies in the Royal Thai Army in accordance with the War on Terror Act) the story created various options to direct the game play, for LARP development and game immersion at a new level.

Propaganda manifests were thrown out of an ultralight aircraft over the two bases.