Overload 1

Operation Stand-Off // 2011

The first event in the OVERLOAD series spanned a single day, without a nighttime game.

The evening ended on the designated camp site, where the “fighters” received a well deserved goulash in the pot, courtesy of the organizers and our supporters.

A group of Bulgarian friends joined us for this first edition.

The preparations for the upcoming duel, as announced by the event subtitle (Operation Stand-off) were underway, according to the story, along the Demilitarized Zone in the vicinity of the 38th Parallel North, between the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea.

It drew its inspiration from the tensions over the previous decade and real life training operations of the South Korean Army with their American allies. The story included special forces units for the two factions, led by support-leaders (American and Russian, respectively).