We are the Overload Crew

Each year we organize the airsoft sports event OVERLOAD ®.

Under the very same surname we initiate, organize and coordinate various actions and campaigns with social, sports or cultural significance in the region we call home, our command center is in Sibiu.

The Overload Crew is a dynamic team. Everyone gets involved of their own accord and for whatever period of time they think to be reasonable.

Part of the Crew were over time quite some number of airsoft players, we have had local sponsors and collaborators from outside the airsoft world and were permanently supported by various partners.

In May and June of 2011 we organized the first two pilots in the now-well-known location: operations Tormenta Blanca and Rio de Sangre. These events gathered over 50 and 80 regional players, respectively. The stories were derived of the war of the cartels with the governments of these countries from Latin America.

The success of these pilot games, alongside the gathered experience at international events, prompted us to initiate in the autumn of 2011 the series of events that was to become the airsoft sports events OVERLOAD ®, recalling the strain and superior pressure load exerted during milsim.

The organizing staff consists of all the players you met in the base HQs, during logistic ops at registration, check-in, chrono and technical support.