Mar 2019


Overload has a new partner! AirsoftBox We highly recommend the newest platform where you can bring out replicas and airsoft equipment second hand


Mar 2019

Jouli Crono

Muzzle Velocity and Engagement Distances Replicas will receive a sticker label on the trigger guard, as follows: GREEN – MED 1m – full-auto – MAX 1.1 Joules BLUE – MED 10m – full-auto – MAX 1.7 Joules YELLOW – MED 15m – single fire only – only DMR replicas – MAX 2.2 Joules YELLOW – MED 25m – only replicas in SAW class – MAX 2.0 Joules RED – MED 30m – single fire only: 

This year AIRSOFT6 is alongside OVERLOAD as a sponsor and a traditional partner

We are pleased to announce that this year’s OVERLOAD’s main sponsor is ROTMAN

Come join us! Overload boosts his team of sponsors and partner shops. If you’re interested send an mail to zeze@overload.com.ro and we’ll Together we will do a great job!