Objective capture instructions for Motor Pool, Fuel Depot and Fort. Each of the 3 objectives will have a box with a led display and buttons.

Below you will find the vehicle traffic map for this year’s event. Obey the traffic signs and directions from our traffic controllers.   Access within the game area is strictly prohibited for personal vehicles that have not been registered as in-game.   IMPORTANT: for those arriving from direction west (Brașov), due to ongoing roadworks, we recommend entering Avrig from the east (direction Sibiu) and then continuing towards Mârșa.  

In order to destroy the enemy's HQ, the smoke bomb mounted inside the HQ must be activated. HQ destruction means no command or command comms for one hour.


Sep 2018

Liability waiver

Below you will find a link to the event liability waiver (RO & EN). The waiver can be filled at the event check-in, however, in order to speed up the check-in process we highly recommend printing and filling out the waiver form before the event.

The first batch of OVERLOAD merch is in! All kinds of patches, dog-tags, and head / neckwear! You will be able to pick yours up at the event. Prices: Faction Patch (KAF / BNA): 4 EUR OVERLOAD Generic Patch: 2.5 EUR Event dogtags: 6.5 EUR OVERLOAD Head & Neckwear: 2.5 EUR Pics below  

The final version of the list will be available April 2nd, end of day.

We are thrilled to announce we have teamed up with Airsoft Hellas in order to better promote the OVERLOAD event at a regional level.

If you have sent an invite request and did not yet receive the confirmation email containing the registrations list template, please double check your spam folder or contact us through Facebook Messenger / email at inscrieri@overload.com.ro

Born Nicholas Dorotel Clutterbuck, into a family of honest yet fair bristenian intellectuals. As a child he showcases solid leadership skills, mainly among packs of stray dogs roaming his neighbourhood.

Piotr Mitzikovski aka Mytzu - abandoned by his parents at an early age, due to his liberal views. Found his first home with the Albanian army as a barracks orphan. From there he was recruited and retrained by the cossack secret service.