Nicholas Clutterbuck aka Nick70

Born Nicholas Dorotel Clutterbuck, into a family of honest yet fair bristenian intellectuals. As a child he showcases solid leadership skills, mainly among packs of stray dogs roaming his neighbourhood. As a teenager he is corrupted by the illusion of absolute power and becomes leader of a teenage prostitute ring, mainly formed of his classmates. However, he proves to be a merciful and responsible pimp, always making sure that the girls do their homework and their grades leave nothing to be desired.

Once his extra-curricular activities are discovered, his parents decide to send him off to military school. Here Nick finds his first true love but also his first heartbreak. Alas, all for the better: he becomes passionate about dancing and also learns to hate the smell of caramelised sugar.

Once the bristenian-kazir conflict began, Nick is sent to the front lines where he takes command of a unique all-female platoon of special forces troops. At last, he finds himself in familiar territory. However, in time, post-traumatic stress gets to him and he is sent home where he specialises in welding. During this time he makes an extra buck moonlighting as a dancer at the local strip club, where he gains fame with his routine involving him pouring water on his hot, sweaty, naked body.

Fame almost cost him his life though, as we got kidnapped by kazir undercover agents and forced to perform to exhaustion for bored wives of generals. During this time he ends up fighting against Piotr Mitzikovski aka Mytzu for the clandestine love of the same woman. The two become mortal enemies.

As a result he is declared persona non grata, and banished from Kazirstan. Back home and vowing revenge, he manages to become BNA’s supreme commander in record time.

In his free time he is, of course, passionate about dancing in clean, alpine air and also known as a rather skilled butterfly taxidermist. A little known fact is that he lost his right hands’ middle finger in battle. He was, however, compensated but the bristenian government with a bionic one that included a variable rpm control. This made him, mysteriously, very popular among members of the opposite gender.