What has changed for 2018?

We try to improve each year. OVL 2018 is no exception.

Invite-only event

Access to the event is restricted to invited teams and / or clubs.

Off-game camping

This way we try to reduce accidents and other unpleasant situations

Event rules

We've reformulated, added and improved parts of the rules


Separation of forces is done via headwear

Patches? Dog tags? T-shirts? We got'em!

All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary.




Price: 4 EUR


Price: 4 EUR


Price: 2.5 EUR


Price: 11 EUR




Coming soon

Ticket price: 51 EURO / person

This year the ticket cost is fixed and covers player’s envelope, organization expenses, a hot meal, 5 liters of still water, medical assistance, portable toilets, game props, logistics etc.

Any taxes or banking charges related to the ticket payment fall to the payer. Should the owner of a paid ticket not make it to the event, for reasons independent of the organizer, the price will not be reimbursed.

Last day for payment is May 31, 2018

Apply now to participate to Dawn of The Iron Beast

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Complete the assigned mission

Respect other players

Have a good time on the field

We have team members available for a command position during the game
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I have read and accept the Game rules and the Terms and conditions of the Overload website

Dawn of The Iron Beast - Essential info

Scenario. Rules. Event calendar.


Bristenia finds itself in a position of force after winning The Battle of The Red Gorge. KAF need to adopt guerrilla tactics in order to survive and try to take back what they lost.


Arrival and check-in/crono will start Thursday (20.09.2018) from 14:00 until 22.00 and continue Friday (21.09.2018) from 08.00 to 12.00. Times are UTC + 2


We highly recommend reading the event rules carefully in order to avoid any unpleasant situations due to not adhering to them.

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